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Please Note our Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy:

  • Call the camp as soon as you know you will be unable to attend
  • Prior to the day of camp all funds are refunded except the deposit ( $100 for Elementary, Jr High, Horsemanship, and Senior High, $50 for Primary and SALT camps)
  • Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Starting on the first day of camp there is no refund for withdrawals


Timberlake Tier Pricing

Tier Pricing may seem confusing but don't fear! We will explain it here and any further questions you have feel free to contact us!

There are three tiers in our pricing options. Tier One is a heavily donor funded discount price. What this means is that you pay less to send your child to camp and the rest of the cost is paid for through donations specifically designated for sending kids to camp. Tier Three reflects the actual cost of what it takes to send a child to camp and Tier Two is a combination of Tiers One and Three. It is still a discounted price but is closer to the actual cost than Tier One. 

So choose which Tier you feel most comfortable with. And don't worry because payments as always are kept confidential and no matter which Tier you choose your child will get the same experience at camp as all the other children.

Basketball Camp- (4th-9th); June 17-22

New this year! Come enjoy the game of basketball and grow your skills as a player and your relationship with God! Our experienced and caring coaches who will help you improve your game no matter your level or proficiency. Basketball camp will run June 17-22 for anyone in 4th-9th grade.

Staff/camper ratio: 1/7                                                                                                                                                                      Tier 1 : $345                                                                                                                                                                                        Tier 2 : $445                                                                                                                                                                                          Tier 3 : $555

 Fort Timberlake

Primary Camps- K-3rd

We offer 2 sessions of Primary Camp each week: Sunday afternoon – Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon – Friday morning. Campers will enjoy swimming, pony rides, crafts, Bible stories, campfires, paddle boats, canoes, hay rack or barrel train ride, and the petting zoo. Primary campers will lodge in the Fort with caring Cabin Leaders that love young kids and their energy!

Staff/camper ratio:  1/6

Tier 1: $155                                                                                                                Tier 2: $200                                                                                                               Tier 3: $245                                                                    

 Tree Topper Cabins

Elementary Camps- 4th- 6th

Elementary campers get a full week long camp experience, Sunday - Friday. Their week includes: swimming, Armageddon Island obstacle course, crafts, paddle boats, canoes, optional horse trail-ride, Zorb ball soccer, chapel time, and crazy camp games. With their cabin leader’s help, campers will dive into Bible study, meet new friends and have tons of fun. Campers will enjoy nature at its best in Tree Topper cabins built on stilts with bunk beds and a centrally located bathhouse.

Staff/camper ratio: 1/7

Tier 1: $295                                                                                                               Tier 2: $395                                                                                                             Tier 3: $495                  

 Lakeside Cabins

Jr. High Camps- 7th-10th

Jr High campers enjoy a full camp experience. In addition to traditional camp activities, campers will enjoy the high ropes course, supper around a campfire, optional paintball,  Alpha Wolf, challenging cabin devotions, and large scale camp games. Jr High campers will lodge in the Lakeside Cabins. These brand new air conditioned cabins are located in a wooded area along the lake. 

Staff/camper ratio: 1/9

Tier 1: $295                                                                                                               Tier 2: $ 395                                                                                                              Tier 3: $495                                                               


Horse Camps- 4th-10th

No experience necessary – whether you have ridden before or not, you will fit right in.  Our wranglers will help you develop your riding skills and knowledge of horses.  Horsemanship campers will lodge in Fort Timberlake , air conditioned cabins with bunk beds and bathroom/shower.


Staff/camper ratio: 1/9

Tier 1 : $345                                                                                                                Tier 2 : $445                                                                                                             Tier 3 : $555



 S.A.L.T. Camps

S.A.L.T. Camps- High School

In Servant and Leadership Training (SALT) you stay in a cabin with other Salters and learn how to serve, as well as go through Timberlake’s staff training instruction.  In most cases SALT campers are invited to return as a Junior Cabin Leader (JCL) – assisting a Cabin Leader with all aspects of leading a group of campers.  Great opportunity to learn leadership.

SALT Promotion.jpg

Tier 1: $195                                                                              Tier 2: $235                                                                            Tier 3: $275


 Sr. high camp

Sr. High Camp

Want to be challenged, both physically and spiritually?  Whether it is the high ropes course, climbing wall, tournaments or the speaker’s message – you will find a challenge at Senior High Camp.  Come connect with other Christian youth and have a blast doing it.                                                                             July 29- August 2                                                                                                     Tier 1: $ 240                                                                                                                                                                                             Tier 2: $ 315                                                                                                                                                                                             Tier 3: $ 385